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Sunday, May 20, 2007 

Day 27: One day more

I don't want to walk anymore. So in order to stop the madness, I went 35km today from Melide to Arca, which means I will be in Santiago by tomorrow morning.

Right around all of you are going to bed before Victoria Day, I will have reached the end of 776 km.

I kept singing the song "One Day More" from Les Miserables, which kept me at a pretty good pace. Most of the words fit: 'One day more, another day, another destiny... this never ending road to calvary...' I can't even begin to write everything I need to now, but I promise tomorrow I will try.

Tonight I am with Dorthee (nickname: Dodo) from Germany who took one look at the full and dirty albergue here in Arca and had to walk away.

I, too, wanted to sleep in comfort before my last day of walking so I left my pack and RAN from pension to pension to look for a place not full & to share a room with her.

I can't really believe I was running after 35km, but without my pack on I was doing pretty damn good.

Dodo, like Benjamin ("Ben-ha-meen!" - again: remember Javier from 'Felicity'? Anyone? Anyone?) & Luis Miguel, now calls me a machine, too.

Remember to think of me before you go to bed tonight... I promise a bigger post tomorrow, but its late and Dodo needs to fait dodo (the Frenchies will get that...)

Big day maƱana. Big day.

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