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Friday, May 18, 2007 

Day 24: REALLY roughing it.

I had to make a poo outside today. Blechhhh.

Remember how I told you the toilets were holes in Ooooohhh Cebriero? well, I couldn't go... & then I thought that the next town (LiƱares) may have a bar open... Nope.

Had to go. But I think next time I should be more careful choosing a spot. I thought I was pretty much alone (it was maybe just before 7am) so I tried to find a place hidden from the windows of the casa nearby, but just as I was finishing, two pilgrims walked by. Oy.

Anywhoo, the walk from from Oooohhh Cebreiro to Triacastela was fine. The decision to walk to Samos was a bit tough, but I decided to do the extra 10 via the more scenic route. This path was extrordinary! Such lush greens: it was like walking through a fairytale lane... You know the kind with vines & ferns & little fluffs straight out of 'Legend' the movie. Half expected a unicorn or Tom Cruise (one can NEVER escape Tom Cruise) to jump out of the bushes.

Well, almost 3hrs later, I was kind of sick of walking, even though I was trying hard to keep myself enchanted with the scenery. I think if Tom Cruise had jumped out I could have harnessed is ever-present running mode and had him carry me to Samos. But alas, I kept passing hamlet after hamlet, hoping, WISHING that I was finally there, but it took FOREVER..

Made it to Samos, and found the Monasterio de Samos, an albergue ran by the Monks (I think). Was the first let in which was nice as I had first choice of bed.

Monasterio de Samos
(There are 2 routes to Sarria: the scenic but longer route via Samos
and the other considerably shorter but steeper route via San Xil.)

I met up with Benjamin (spanish pronounced "ben-ha-meen" - 'Felicity', anyone?) & Luis Miguel from Avila (a few kms outside of Madrid?); I've been bumping into them along the way the last few days, & before our official intros today, they knew me as the chica canadiense fuerte (sp?). They are very cute, & VERY spanish. They take their time walking every day, & quite often pass me, but because they walk so slow and stop frequently, I often pass them again when they are taking their break.

Luis-Miguel knows almost no English, while Benjamin can speak as much English as I can speak Spanish. Luis Miguel asked me what do I eat that makes me walk with such force... Ha ha... They took their time getting to Samos. There were several beautiful clear streams & I really wanted to dip in. They said they had [gone swimming] but the water was really, really cold.

Its been really nice through this part of Galicia. Its very pretty and the views are astounding. I know I should take my time now, but there is this part of me that JUST WANTS THIS DONE!

Had a quiet dinner to myself before meeting up with Benjamin & Luis Miguel for one more drink before bed. I seem to fall asleep so quickly after dinner (this also may be attributed to the wine quota I keep meeting) that I am sleeping much better through the night. Benjamin said I snored at Ohhhh Cebreiro... Which probably was true with the amount I had consumed.

I'm in bed by 8, and passed out again... Its good, I sleep a lot better now. :)

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