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Saturday, May 12, 2007 

Day 19: A day off may be hazardous to your walking

Today, I got my first official blister.

(I had one about to happen on my right foot, but the rain day and a bit of foamy prevention contained that one.)

You'd think that after a day of rest, one would be refreshed and raring to go.

Today, however, was a strangely hard walk. The bottom half of my shin has hurt (I think from walking on the pavement or possibly from tripping a lot) and I guess I may have been walking very heavily today as 31km just seemed to take forever.

Maybe it was because I had stayed up almost until 11:45 pm last night; maybe the 2 big pints of beer and a shot at the end in the delectable Indian restaurant; maybe because once again I couldn't sleep; maybe it was because I knew I wouldn't see Mariette tonight; my feet hurt again, & my energy was HORRIBLE for the last two hours.

Still, I am now in Hospital de Óribgo, a nice little town with this amazing bridge & an amazing history about Don Suero de Quiñones. The albergue is VERY nice (Albergue San Miguel) & it seems the town is wired into Enya/Deleirum/Titanic/The Mission/The Piano soundtrack over the speakers in every establishment I've been in. Its funny, yet uncannily "tranquillo."

Just finished a menu del peregrino & I am ready for bed real soon.

No sign of friends today, but I'm taking advantage of the time alone.
Still, it is a little lonely.

Lots of wine. Must sleep it off soon...

Hasta mañana.

Hospital de Óribgo

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