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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 

Starting from scratch...

It's been just over 3 months since finishing the camino.

The tube of toothpaste I bought in Samos is almost empty and it feels like my heart is the same.

Perhaps it is the change of weather that makes the world feel so grey. Each morning I continue my walking, the days seem to become more grey, and the autumn makes the air more brisk.

It is very difficult to hold onto the camino feeling, to hold the spirit of adventure and faith in the world when you find yourself once again in that bubble of your life, the daily grind of your routine. Time has this funny way of fading sense memories; this time, I tried very hard to sustain my optimism and pride, and all-round sense of "Life!" but I can literally feel the camino being squeezed out of me, just like the tube of Spanish toothpaste.

A while ago, I had enough energy to realize that I wanted to challenge myself again. I wanted to find my next project to conquer, the next injection of life that would invigorate my spirit and make me proud to be alive.

I pray that the powers that be will send me a yellow arrow to guide my way, but more so, I hope that I can let my eyes be open to the scallop sign so that I may once again feel confident on my path.

"Thank you for giving me the strength and the guidance to make it this far; please bless the all the pilgrims before me, and all the pilgrims after me..."

Buen camino my friends, I'm still thinking of you, and wish you strength and comfort, even if it feels like it never happened, we all know it did. Continue to remind yourself of that...

Hi Lola
"Starting from scratch" sums up the feelings that many must share after the Camino. If only the way could go on forever.....
We decided we couldn't give up on that feeling - so Gen and I made the decision that lifted the weight from our shoulders. We will, if all goes well, set out next April to walk from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago, again.
The prospect of repeating the Camino is intoxicating - it has revitalised us and now dominates our hearts and minds.
I hope you find that which will inspire you and satisfy you.
Buen camino!
John (from Australia)

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